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Future Plan


We, at Dubai Safari, know that a good zoo/park is not judged just on its collection size, but also on the quality of the collection and the expertise of the staff. Plus the work it does in conservation and the breeding of endangered species.      
With further expansion of Dubai Safari happening in the coming years, it is expected that not only will the collection grow, but also will the number of villages for our guests to visit. Very soon we will be increasing the size of our Asian Village and adding two extra villages that will show case animals from Australia and South America.

A glance at some of our Future Plans:


Zoomobile is a unique Dubai Safari vehicle equipped with state-of-the-art learning tools and aids for children. Schools can request a visit by Zoomobile during school hours to provide students with a fun and engaging opportunity to discover exciting insights on wildlife and wildlife conservation, with a special invitation to visit Dubai Safari with their families.


Dubai Safari will welcome both local and international interns passionate about wildlife and related fields including zoology, veterinary studies, conservation and zoo keeping in addition to principals in managing a zoo/park. To be eligible for an internship at Dubai Safari, interns must be between 15 and 25 years of age as we offer variety of coursers in:


  • Basic Zoo keeping
  • Conservation
  • Veterinary Studies
  • Guide Training
  • Management in Zoos