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Our Qualities


A Secret Revealed!

We are dedicated to implement best practices, techniques and methodologies anchored on expertise and sincere care for our wildlife. Dubai Safari is a community facility falling under Dubai Municipality, therefore, its vision aligns with the UAE National Agenda 2021 which positions conservation and wildlife on the top of its priorities.

Embraced with government’s support, we gain our qualities. The Dubai Safari, aims to provide a top-notch and sub line experience to all its visitors, and at the same time, enhance their knowledge of and relationship with animals.

Only at Dubai Safari, you will be able to see, feel, experience, learn and enjoy in an outstanding journey that you have never experienced before. Here are some of our “Exclusives” at Dubai Safari:

  • Largest reptile collection in Dubai and World’s first drive though crocodile exhibit
  • Drive though lions, tigers, baboons, hippos, hyena, and antelope.
  • Mixed pygmy hippo and Mandrill exhibit
  • First moon bear exhibit in UAE
  • First Orangutan exhibit in UAE
  • Only Komodo Dragon Exhibit in UAE
  • First White Lion pride on exhibit to public in UAE
  • Only park in UAE to display 3 types of Lemur in UAE
  • Largest group of baboons in the UAE
  • Underwater viewing of the hippos
  • Giraffe feeding platform
  • Only cheetah race in UAE
  • Gorilla indoor and outdoor exhibit
  • Largest walk though bird aviary in the UAE
  • Largest outdoor animal theater in the UAE