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Dubai Safari is a fun-filled living classroom for young minds beginning to discover the world’s many wonders. With kids being among the park’s most special visitors, every member of our multi-national team is highly trained to be child-friendly and make the Dubai Safari experience for every guest truly memorable. Our aim is to provide for our youngest visitors an immersive edutainment environment that engages their curiosity and inspires awe as they open their hearts and minds to the magnificent diversity of the wildlife inhabiting the park.

From being transported to another world with engaging animal stories from our expert guides to finding new and exciting adventures at every turn – Dubai Safari is a wonderfully enriching and enjoyable experience for kids as well as those young at heart. Every trip to Dubai Safari also promises to enhance their sense of self-awareness and make them more mindful of their surroundings as they discover their different preferences for different animal species. The environment also encourages them to overcome their fears and trepidation about certain animals, reptiles and insects.

In addition to Dubai Safari being a fun and safe place to learn, here are at least five reasons why the park is a highly effective educational tool for formal learning:

  • The animals are real: There is nothing better than an actual elephant to teach the concept of elephantness. What is a trunk? What is big? What is an elephant? That can all be taught instantly by viewing a living, breathing elephant.
  • Animals have a universal appeal: Animals in general are attractive to many people particularly children.
  • The ultimate in inter-disciplinarianism: Animals can be the foundation of study for all academic areas, the hook that maintains enthusiasm for learning.
  • Different learning styles can easily be accommodated: Accommodating all learning styles at Dubai Safari is easily achievable. Auditory, Visual, and Tactile learners all have ample opportunities to explore and learn in their best mode.
  • Hands-on learning with real resources: With a living collection here in our own backyard, Dubai Safari is well-equipped as a practical classroom for hands-on education of young minds.