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Moon Bear:


We found our four Moon Bears accidentally while in Korea looking for other animals. We had some time to spend and decided to visit a closed bear Farm that had been turned into a bear park . with over three hundred bears to care for it was over crowded and many bears showed signs of stereotypic behavior. It was while we were there that we came across four bear cubs hiding in a dark corner of their den. These little bears were filthy and scared and while we couldn’t do anything to help the three hundred plus bears at the park, we did feel that we could do something to improve the life’s of these four cubs. Our staff quickly made arrangements to acquire these bears before they left the park and returned back to Dubai. Within a few months and many hours of paper work, four furry black bundles arrived in Dubai to start a new life without stress and overcrowding.

These four moon bears can now be seen in our Asian village where their days are full of exploring their large home with its pools and waterfalls, and their nights are time to relax and sleep in their AC dens.


White Lion:


Dubai Safari believes that all animals deserve to be respected and given the chance to live a full and stress free life away from the dangers of being hurt or hunted.

It was while our staff were in South Africa that we came across a can hunting farm where lions were bred just to be hunted, and it was here that we found some of our white lions that were waiting until they were old enough and big enough to be trophy hunted.

Our staff felt that they should do whatever they could to save these lions from this.

So we set about acquiring some of these animals to be sent to Dubai where they could live out their life’s safe from the fate that was before them.

These magnificent animals can now be seen enjoying their freedom at our African Village lion exhibit.


Barn Owl:


Not all of our animals are found and acquired from overseas. Sometimes they just arrive at our door step. This was the case of our two Barn owls that can be seen in our bird theater.

These two birds arrived at the park as very young owlets that had been found by a member  of the public.

Being too young to fend for themselves they needed the help of our staff to hand raise them. The first to voluntary to help these baby owls was our very own animal loving Amna. She very quickly took on the role as Owl mother and over the months cared for the owlets feeding them all though the night and making sure they ate enough to help them grow strong and independent. Amna had a special relationship with these birds that still is strong today enabling her to get close to these two birds any time she wants to. 

These birds thrill the audience every day in our bird show and enjoy a life of having to never worry about hunting for food and still enjoy their daily visit from their foster mother owl.