Meet Dubai Safari Family

Shabib Abdulla Bin Beyat

Shabib Abdulla Bin Beyat

bullet icon   Position : Animal Collection Supervisor

bullet icon   Country : United Arab Emirates

Hello! I’m  Shabib Abdulla Bin Beyat, Animal Collection Supervisor at Dubai Safari. I am proud to have an essential role in this park. I am responsible for ensuring the safety of animals Holding Areas, where animals rest and sleep, and Exhibits, where animals are displayed for visitors. I also am a part of a huge specialized team who cares for animals health, their diets, digestive and physical condition.
I manage animal keepers team and follow up their day-to-day tasks, checking and ensuring their targets are achieved. We all work here as one family, bonded by passion towards animals and wildlife.I am currently responsible for six animal sections:

  • Carnivores
  • Ungulates
  • Primates
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Small mammals
  • Show Performer
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