Our Wildlife

Our Star Reptile

Nile Crocodile 

  • Class: Reptile                                                                                                     
  • Order: Crocodilia
  • Diet: meat
  • Group name: Bask or a Float
  • Origin:  Africa (Nile Delta)
  • Average life span in the wild: 70 to 100 years
  • Conservation status:     Least Concern             

Some Facts:

  • Crocodiles don't sweat. To keep cool, they open their mouths in a process that is called "mouth gaping," which is a lot like panting.
  • Crocodiles also have very keen hearing. It is so good, they can hear their babies calling from inside their egg.
  • Crocodiles are very fast swimmers, which helps them catch their prey. They can swim up to 32 kph
  • Crocodiles an hold their breath underwater for around one hour.
  • Crocodiles sex is determined while in the egg and is determined by the ambient temperature