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Special Experiences

Special Experiences


Your journey is not only about watching animals from a distance, we at Dubai Safari make sure we provide our guests with special experiences to make your trip memorable:

Giraffe Feeding: At certain times during the day, there will be giraffe talks and .feeds. Don't forget to take a selfie with this beautiful animal 

Underwater viewing of Common Hippos: The only place in the UAE where you can see the hippos underwater as they swim around in their very own private temperature controlled pool.  

Cheetah Race: During the day, at set times, a cheetah will use our carefully made track and we will be able to watch him reach full speed.

Meet and Greet: All throughout the park, there are keeper talks and feeds at all times during the day. Here is a great chance to meet with the staff and hear about the great work we are doing here in Dubai Safari.

Kids Farm: Our staff at the farm are kid friendly and are always willing to show the young one the animals up close and personal.