Terms and Conditions

General Park Regulations

  • For the health and safety of our animal collection, guests and employees are subject to screening by our Security Team upon the park entrance.
  • All guests are required to respect our animals and park facilities. This includes NOT feeding/ teasing the animals and not littering inside the park.
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards and roller skates are not allowed inside the park as they may compromise other guests’ safety.
  • Balloons, balls, toy guns and flash photographies are not allowed inside the park as they may cause stress to our animals and compromise their health and safety.
  • Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas around the park.
  • Outside food and beverages are not allowed inside the park.
  • Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited inside the park.
  • Pets are not permitted as they may affect our animals’ health and safety.
  • Drones are not allowed within the park premises.
  • Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  • Guests are required to follow our staff instructions and not venture into prohibited areas
  • Outside food, beverages and pets are not allowed inside the park
  • Dubai Safari Park takes all reasonable steps to provide a safe and enjoyable experience and it shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to personal property, personal injury or loss of life.
  • Due to Health and Safety reasons, scooters, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, balls, toy guns and balloons are not permitted inside the park. Items are subjected to screening prior to entry.
  • Smoking allowed only in designated areas.
  • Drone is not permitted inside Dubai Safari Park.


  • Successful purchasers will receive a booking confirmation via email to the email address supplied.
  • Kindly present your e-ticket at the Dubai Safari Park entry gates.
  • The Booking Confirmation is valid only for the specific date shown thereon and shall automatically expire upon the lapse of this specific date. Booking Confirmation(s) and / or Ticket(s) can only be used once and is not subject to refund or exchange of any kind whatsoever, whether before or after the Ticket(s) expiry. Lost, damaged and / or stolen Ticket(s) cannot be replaced, refunded or exchanged in any manner.
  • Entry for children below 3 years is free of charge.
  • POD and 1 companion are eligible for free Day Pass ticket.
  • Entry timings may be subject to change, without prior notice, in case of an emergency.
  • An adult must accompany children up to the age of 12 years at all times during the visit.
  • All the tickets holders need to be on time to enter the live shows “once the show start it is not permitted to enter the show” (not applicable for Night Pass).
  • POD and the companion tickets need to collect their tickets from the ticket window after providing the original POD card.
  • All type of packages need 3 days prior booking, and not all packages are availabe during the afternoon.
  • The customer need to choose the menu for breakfast with birds package or the standard menu will be served (not applicable for Night Pass).
  • Dubai Safari Park reserves the right to delay or cancel live experiences (such as live shows and animal feedings) due to inclement weather or animal welfare. The park will not be held liable to provide any refunds or change of dates to visitors during such events.
  • Safari Journey tickets are valid for single ride only.
  • All ticket categories, except Night Pass, are valid during day opening hours only

Live Presentation

  • All shows follow limited seating capacity. Plus ticket holders have reserved seats, and the seating is available on a first come first serve basis for non plus ticket holders.
  • Dubai Safari Park reserves the right to refuse latecomers into the show after the performance starts or once they reach maximum capacity.
  • Dubai Safari Park reserves the right to delay or cancel live shows due to inclement weather, animal welfare or special event. The park will not be held liable to provide any refund or change of dates to visitors during such events.
  • Dubai Safari Park reserves the right to alter the contents of the live shows at any time, due to animal welfare, health and safety, adverse weather or changes to our animal collection.

Animal Feeding

  • Animal feeding interactions are limited and available on a first come first served basis
  • The visitor taking part in the interaction must understand that the animals are still deemed wild and unpredictable and must adhere to all instructions provided by the animal caretaker.
  • Visitors should feed the animals with the food provided by caretakers only as other types of food may be harmful to them.
  • Visitors should not throw plastic bottles or any trash in the animal exhibits as it can be harmful to our animals.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by one adult during all feeding interactions.
  • Dubai Safari Park does not guarantee that the animal will choose to interact, and the animals will not be forced to engage with the visitor.
  • Dubai Safari Park may choose to cancel animal encounters due to inclement weather or animal welfare issues.  The park will not be held liable to provide any refund or change of dates to visitors during such events.
  • During the feeding interaction, visitors who do not follow health and safety instructions will be asked to leave the session
  • Wheelchair access is available for the Giraffe, Goat and Bird feeding interactions.

Day Operational Hours

Every day from 9 AM to 5 PM

  • Main gates open at 8:30 AM
  • Main gates close for walk-in visitors at 3:30 PM
  • Main gates close for online ticket holders at 4:00 PM
  • Last Safari Journey bus departs at 4:30 PM

(Opening hours may vary due holy month of Ramadan and special events and weather conditions)